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We help children's innate creativity to thrive by introducing them to the imaginative world of contemporary music.  We want to provide adults with the opportunity to learn more about music and to guide them through the unfamiliar with discussions, pre-concert talks and detailed programme notes. Thanks to our funding partners, we have so far been able make these opportunities free and accessible to all.


Thanks to funding from Arts Council England and Diaphonique, we were delighted to be able to free performances and workshops for school children around London in autumn 2019 - part of our London: We Need EU! programme. The project was designed to introduce young people the world of classical contemporary music and inspire them to get creating and working together to make music.

In 2018, Ret Frem worked with children aged 8-10 from Woolwich in South East London. Through performance, workshop and experimentation the children experienced contemporary music for the first time and had the opportunity to perform alongside professional musicians at an international contemporary music festival.

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